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Colorado Police and Fire Athletic Association


Application/Registration Deadline

Check back for open registration dates

Event Costs

We have a new on line registration program this year that is easy to use and it will calculate all the fees for you! 

In general, you will be assessed an annual basic registration fee of $35.00 plus an event fee for each event you enter. The last three digits of the event code are the event fees. Your basic fee plus all event fees will be your total sport fee. Late entries will be assessed a $20.00 fee for individuals and a $100.00 fee or teams. A $25.00 Service charge will be assessed for all returned checks.

All Team Events

All teams must be registered and paid in full 1 week (7 days) prior to the start of the games unless otherwise noted. All team events must have a complete roster of REGISTERED and PAID participants prior to the start of the event. In the event the team roster and fees are not paid, your team will not be included in the brackets for play. All bracketing will be done within the week prior to the start of the games, if a team does not get bracketed due to no registration or payment there will be a re-bracketing fee of $100.00 for your team to participate NO EXCEPTIONS!

Please send via mail to:  Steve Lawson/ CPFAA   8585 Concord Center Dr. #300   Englewood, CO 80112


Registration Process

Each participant or team member must submit an entry form with all waivers signed.

 The application process consists of verification of eligibility, agency affiliation, fee payment, reading and signing a waiver of liability and recording of sport event codes. Following submission of the application form the participant will receive a confirmation letter or e-mail approximately one week prior to the start of the games. If there is a problem with your registration contact (720) 252-7105. If you have a specific event question contact your event coordinator or any State Board Member. Please present your confirmation letter or printed e-mail along with proof of eligibility at time of registration, you will then receive your Event Participation Pass. Proof of eligibility may be either your Department Picture I.D. or a letter of acknowledgement from your agency. Your event Participation Pass must be presented to the sports coordinator with picture I.D. prior to competition at each site check-in. To ensure arrival at the event site prior to the competition, competitors will need to allow sufficient time to register at the host hotel. All sports competitors MUST check in at the host hotel prior to competition, NO EXCEPTIONS. In some rare cases venue site registration will be conducted based on distance to host hotel, this will be clearly stated on your confirmation letter and on the web site. For Registration questions call (720) 407-4461.

General Rules

CPFAA rules shall supersede all other rules. All competitors must be at least 18 years of age or older. Ages, unless otherwise noted will be:

  • Open - any participant 18-29 years
  • Senior - 30-39 years
  • Master - 40-49 years
  • Grand Master - 50+ years.
  • Other - See Mountain Bike for their age categories

Competitors may chose to compete in a younger class. Women may elect to compete in Men's events. Team or double events compete in the age division of the youngest member. A competitor may be on only one team, in any one sport. Unisex shall mean that Men and Women compete together, except where there are separate Men and/or Women classes. Unisex should not be confused with coed. No registration changes at the event site. Any substitutions must be made by team captains at the registration room prior to the event. Team captains must substitute allowing sufficient time prior to actual competition to allow the games committee to meet it's responsibilities. Alcohol is prohibited in or around competition sites. Medals will be awarded to First place (Gold), Second place (Silver), and Third place (Bronze) for all events, (unless otherwise noted). Medals are awarded on site immediately following the competition. Unsportsmanlike conduct that brings discredit to the CPFAA Games, Your Organization, Referees, Umpires, Spectators, Competitors, Coordinators or Ex-officios, will not be tolerated and will result in immediate disqualification from the game, and depending on severity it could result in disqualification from future games.

Agencies/Members Eligible: Click Here

For specific event information click on the Event list: and go to your specific event.