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Colorado Police and Fire Athletic Association


Registration for the 2017 games is expected to open late April stay tune for the announcement.  Early registration for a free t-shirt will be Monday June 26, 11:59pm after that you can still register for all events.

We are proud to announce South Metro Fire Rescue Fire will host the 2017 Police & Fire games, dates will be July 17th -23rd 2017

2017 Softball update we will again provide bats this year: *PLEASE NOTE COMPETITORS WILL ONLY BE ALLOWED TO USE CPFAA PROVIDED SOFTBALL BATS FOR 2017 GAMES. Co-Sponsored by Mizuno USA

In an attempt to eliminate the bat issue and bat check in/inspection we will be providing Mizuno Nighthawk slow pitch ASA bats for everyone to use. Additional rules will follow regarding any type of stickem or pine tar usage.