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Colorado Police and Fire Athletic Association



How do I sign up for events?

Before you can sign up for events you must first register for a new account or login to an existing account. Registration can be completed by clicking here. Once you have filled out the registration form, you should visit the events calendar page to start choosing events.   The appropriate fees will be added to your shopping cart as you add events to your cart.

Once you've added all of the events you'd like to register for to your shopping cart you click on the "proceed to checkout" button on your shopping cart page.

The remove link next to all events in your shopping cart will remove the event. If you added an Eligible Spouse during your registration, your spouse must also register to sign up for any events. Please email with any questions about registration or event sign up.

Do I need to show up at the host hotel?

YES, all competitors must show up at the host hotel prior to competing. Checking in the at Host Hotel serves many purposes.  Checking in allows us to verify competitor eligibility, verify payment has been made, verify all waivers have been signed, verify you are registered for the correct events and age grouping, and provide you with your participation pass! Additionally, this is the only time of the year the board members get to see some of you!

What type of identification do I need?

You will need a department photo ID, or photo ID and employment verification (pay stub, letter signed by Chief on Department Stationary with phone number)

Can my son/daughter or brother/sister compete?
No. Unless they are a member of an eligibile organization.


I can not determine how much I owe?

Every competitor must pay a $35.00 registration fee, the is a one time per year cost. You can enter as many events as your body can take and you only pay the $35.00 fee once. If you get your paid registration prior to the entry deadline date you receive a free competitor t-shirt. Next you will need to pay the event fee, to find this fee look at the last three (3) numbers in your event code, that is the event fee. Please note some events like ice Hockey, In-Line hockey and a few others could have a venue cost associated with that event.

For example if you register for softball your registration fee is $35.00. The event code is SSE01010, last three numbers are 010 you event fee is $10.00 total cost would be $45.00. now if you wanted to enter flag football also the event code is FFA01010, last 3 is 010 cost is $10.00 making your total fee $55.00

Using our on line registration feature will make this process simple.  We do all the math for you!   If you prefer to NOT register on line, you can print an application and all the waivers from the registration page.