Home Run Contest 2022


CPFAA and ASA rules apply; any bat that exceeds BPF 1.20 will also be disallowed. All bats must be approved at venue check in prior to the start of contest. This will be a Unisex open event. Each competitor will get 20 pitches, no balls or mulligans will be allowed. Competitor must provide their own pitcher; Home runs must stay in fair territory, and will be determined by judges.

A ball that bounces inside the park or makes contact with the top of the fence and then over the fence will not be allowed as a home run. The ball must clear the fence to be counted.


Date Time Event Season Full Time
July 15, 2022 7:30 am Home Run Contest 2022 90'

Box Score

# Player Position
Andy Wazny-
Michael Wazny-
Adam Tapia-
Juan Gamboa-
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