Tactical Pistol – Master 50+ Iron Sites Only


We are offering 2 options (you can sign up for both), Iron site  and Red dot site categories.

We will be starting at 8:00 am, so make sure that you are in place for the safety briefing any late shows will be turned away. This year as always, safety is our #1 concern, we will be operating a cold range, and all firearms are to be unloaded when coming on and off of each stage. Violators of safety rules will be disqualified from the stage/and or the event. Unsportsmanlike like conduct will not be tolerated let’s have a good time.

Once registered please click here for additional event details!


Date Time Season Full Time
July 28, 2021 8:00 am 2021 90'


Graham DunneBronze MedalWin
Hoser FreemanGold MedalWin
Robert WincklerSilver MedalWin

Box Score

# Player Position
Graham Dunne-
Hoser Freeman-
Robert Winckler-
vs vs