Feats of Strength-CANCELED

Date(s) - 30/07/2021
8:00 am - 12:00 pm

PBR Sports Performance Center

Feats of Strength CANCELED due to lack of interest!

Feats of Strength Contest-
Will include 3 events. Athletes in the feats of strength contest will compete in all 3 events for maximum points.

Event 1: Loading/Carry Medley.  athletes will race to lift, load, and carry varying implements.
Event 2: Max Log Clean and Press. The bar will start at a lower weight and increase in weight as athletes attempt max lift for 1 rep. An athlete can skip any weight. Once the athlete can not perform the lift in the allotted time for that attempt, they are out and their best completion weight will be scored for points.
Event 3: Truck Pull. Athletes will perform a traditional truck pull for time or max distance.

Equipment Rules: all equipment is allowed excluding tacky and any form of lifting suit (deadlift, bench, etc.)
Divisions: We will have both male and female divisions. As the event grows, we will break up divisions by age and body weight. Make sure you state your estimated weight at the time of the event.